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The genuine sincerity & sweetness in Brittany Craft’s music resonates powerfully with the passion of pure faith.  From her humble beginnings growing up in Oklahoma, the young singer quickly displayed a remarkable connection to music and understood the joy & unity it could bring to those that listened.  Being raised in a military family afforded her the experience to travel the world and add incredible new perspective to her life thereafter; Brittany was inspired by the beauty that the Lord had bestowed upon the people & places she would visit, and began to write her first songs as she blossomed into an artist.

Over the years to follow, Brittany would go on to refine her talents through dedication and education.  She immersed herself in the art from all aspects, learning how to play guitar and piano at a professional level and soon graduated from college with an official degree in Church Music.  Brittany continued to expand her skillset even further by learning how to play drums and violin, finding impressive new ways to challenge herself creatively and add more dimension, emotion, & depth, to the songs she was writing.

Finding authentic purpose through the faith-based material she was creating, the ability to spread His message to people listening around the globe through her music filled Brittany’s soul with inspiration.  While she was writing her own original songs, she was also connecting to Christianity in compelling new ways that were both comforting and a confirmation that she was indeed, on the path she was meant to be on in becoming a professional musician.  With an innate ability to express herself beautifully through music and her devotion to the word of God, Brittany began to take her career & music to the next level; she’s now been invited to lead worship in colleges & churches for nearly fifteen full years, proudly serving & sharing her stunning vocals to the congregations through the choir.  With the connection between her music and faith being as strong as her natural talent and passion – Brittany found the place where she truly belonged as an artist in a Contemporary Christian style, combining hope, love, & devout faith, into heartfelt acoustic & piano-based songs that everyone can enjoy, and be sincerely moved by.

Amazing opportunities have opened up for Brittany since she decided she wanted to pursue her music career full-on.  She sang in a choir at the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards for the past two years, bringing her angelic & graceful vocals to the stage to back-up the incredible talents of Casting Crowns and Brittany’s own favorite singer of all-time, the renowned singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.  She would go on to perform two additional times onstage in the choir supporting Chapman, appearing on massive stages at the Kennedy Center and the legendary Carnegie Hall for the very first time.

It certainly won’t be her last.  Now based in Atlanta, GA, Brittany Craft has just released her debut album Welcome Home – a gorgeous set of songs that wonderfully proclaim her faith through music and boldly shares it with the world awaiting.  Over the course of ten new tunes that reveal the heart & unshakable faith of an artist that believes in every word she sings & every note she plays – Welcome Home represents the culmination of the journey & experiences Brittany’s had throughout her life.  Through emotionally powerful, empowering & uplifting melodies, and endearing vocals that echo the strength of her convictions, she’s fast becoming a favorite with fans & critics alike.  As she steps into the spotlight officially in 2018 – with God at her side every step of the way, she’s becoming the artist she’s always been meant to be.  Join Brittany this year as she connects to her spirituality, faith, music, and YOU!